About SEO

There are several goals to SEO and search engine optimization:

  • Create visibility for a website on search engines like Google , Bing or Yahoo ;
  • Multiply the number of visits to its website;
  • Develop the popularity and notoriety of a natural person or a legal person;
  • Communicate online with a new target audience;
  • Increase a company’s web revenue through e-commerce or online advertising.
  • Clean up the e-reputation of a natural or legal person if necessary.

To make a link from page A to page B is to refer to it and therefore reference the page B from page A. By popularization, the generic action of registration in the search engines was called referencing. Today, this practice revolves around search tools, especially search engines and directories, trying to improve the positioning of sites (and therefore their visibility) in their results pages, called SERP (search engine results pages)

This involves working on the internal and external elements of sites to make it easier to provide information to both users and search engines. This is done through the reputation of sites, content that search engines deem relevant or not, the structure of the site ( is it understandable, lightweight, complete …) and many other technical criteria such as the site loading speed, use of adaptive website technology and others. Today we are talking about more than 300 criteria for Google 3 for example.

Positioning on search engines is one of the main sources of traffic creation on a website. Indeed, it allows users to access a site without knowing his address. The major search engines are able to detect new documents on the web (and new sites).

A good SEO on the Web is essential since “34% of Internet users click on the first natural link of a page of results”

It can also be interesting to be referenced to external sites, including directories, bookmarking sites ( bookmarks ) or favorite links pages or on blogs or via an article, or by using the so-called link exchange method.

A Web directory is a site that categorizes websites it selects itself or that are submitted to them. Publishers then analyze the content of the pages and create summaries of their contents in order to guide the visitors. Directories provide a search by categories and subcategories. There are thousands of so-called specialized or general directories (example: Dmoz or Yahoo Directory). The criteria for accepting a site on a directory depend on each directory. This practice has been massively used by SEOs to increase their PageRank.


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